Brain Tumor Research


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Brain Tumour Research talk given by Lauren Ryan.
At our most recent and final Twilight meeting we had a petite, blond, humorous young lady who played rugby for Chesham telling us with passion about Brain Tumour Research.
Lauren has been a Fund Raising Manager for 6 years and now works for this Charity whose sole purpose is medical research.
The charity, founded 20 years ago, has brought 20 charities together to work on Brain Toumour research
They aim to raise 7 million per year to fund a10 year lab project in each of 4 university centers of excellence.
Imperial College London, Queen Mary's College London, Plymouth University and Portsmouth University.
She worked in the Students Union at Portsmouth where she encouraged PhD students by funding their research into finding out "how cells turn into cancers"
20-40% of all cancers will metastasize into the brain.They are often misdiagnosed, and are often dected by opticians  when testing eyes.
16,000 people are diagnosed a year. 1 in 50 under 60 years will have their life shortened by 20 years due to brain tumours.
Cancer patients are mostly diagnosed with a life expectancy of 6-3 years, but in some cases, this may rise to 20 years.
Unfortunately drugs have little or no affect on brain tumours due to the complex mechanism of the brain.
Surgery seems the only way but this can be even more dangerous than leaving the tumour alone.
We can help fund the fight by wearing a hat on 27th March,
Terry Neale