Club Membership

specific focus on recruiting and maintaining membership of the club


Normally, in the first instance, potential members are invited to attend an event by a current member to consider Rotary membership. After a few weeks of attending as a guest, if a potential member and a proposer wish to progress an application, the potential member completes an application form and submits it to the club secretary. If Council agrees the application, one or two experienced members will then initiate an informal discussion with the applicant to ensure he/she understands the expectations and purpose of Rotary and Rotarians. If all parties are happy, a recommendation is made to the secretary to issue a notice to members of the proposal and allow 10 days for members to respond with any significant objections. Once the period has passed a date will be agreed with the new member for the induction.

If a new member strongly feels that full membership is not something he/she can yet commit to, then for a period of one year a member may join as an Associate. An Associate member pays £30/month and is expected to attend at least one event per month. All events are open to Associates in the same way as for Full members. An Associate may convert at any time during the year to full membership. If by the end of the year the Associate does not wish to join the membership is terminated.

1) Full Members are required to arrange a monthly Standing Order (S/O) advanced payment with their bank, in favour of the KCRC Meals account. The current advisory sum is £60.00.  The S/O is credited to a member's own Meals a/c and meals are charged to that a/c as and when taken.

Settlement is at the end of each quarter when members are either in debt or credit.  Payment / refunds are either settled or carried forward accordingly.  

2) From the S/O a sum of £30.00 per quarter is deducted for Rotary GB&I / District subs and a further 'discretionary' donation of £1.00 per week is taken in lieu of the wine raffle.  This 'donation' is made whether a member attends a meeting or not.  A donation is also taken if a member's partner attends a meeting.

3) There is a 'one off'' joining payment of £40.00 that new members are required to pay.

Whilst there is no stipulated minimum attendance requirement, members are for obvious reasons encouraged to attend as often as possible.

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