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Clevedon Yeo Rotary Club is a member of Rotary International which is headquartered in Evanston near Chicago in the USA. We are one of almost 34,000 clubs with a total membership of 1.2 million male and female members throughout the world.

Rotary in Britain and Ireland (Rotary GB&I) has almost 53,000 members in 29 Districts one of which is District 1100 in which Clevedon Yeo is one of 68 clubs.

Membership is open to professional, managerial and business people irrespective of the size or type of their organisation. Age, race and gender are not a barrier although we particularly welcome those under fifty.

Rotary was originally formed as a networking and social organisation which would work to help society wherever the need arose. This has not changed in over one hundred years of existence. We have given over $600 million toward the eradication of Polio and have also contributed organisational capability and feet on the ground.

It is important to know that Rotary is a social organisation that believes we should enjoy each others company and that of our families. To this end we have a variety of events throughout the year where enjoyment and fun are the priority. Even when we are running fundraising events fun is still a priority.

We do not believe that Rotary is an expensive organisation to be a member. It is not free but is in our view, realistic.

More and more people in this world today need our help and simply the more members we have who believe in our objectives the more people we can help.

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