City News Nov/Dec 2015

By Rob Soutar

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Rotary GB&I_Image_Col_L_v1.jpgCITY NEWS       November/December 2015

Having realised that I have not sent out a November News (although it is still November – just) I thought I would combine it with December.

So, what have we been doing? While we had a good turnout last Monday, some of you missed Mark Townsend’s amazing magic. How did he get San to draw an eye? How did he know that while I choose Oxford Blue, Phil choose Navy?

We also had a brief progress report on Cambodia and more idea of where our money is going. I think everybody was uplifted. Not everyone is aware that the club is paying for a workshop building with six sewing machines. This is all down to Luke who has ‘persuaded’ business friends to finance it. Thanks Luke. While here, I’m sure that he still has plenty of his 2016 calendars, sold in aid of the Hospice, available at £10 each. A good Christmas present for someone you know who likes largely naked men!

Our other speaker had been an observer in Palestine/Israel. He gave many of us a different perspective from the one we sometimes get from the media and was surprisingly sure of his opinions!

You will know that the overall view was that we should move our duck race to the River Carnival at the end of April and no longer put on our River Festival. The club has approved this policy change.

By now you will also have received a copy of the questionnaire about attitudes to the club. Council had a long discussion that ended with Luke and Heather preparing this. We were conscious that, particularly compared with many other clubs, we are active and have attracted younger members. Hopefully we are doing what most members want but it would be foolish to become complacent. So we want everybody’s input so we can see what we can do to get even better and hopefully make it easier for all our members to be really active. If you are not on Council you should have been approached by someone who is so that you can discuss your views and return the form. The aim is to complete this by the end of the year.

I’m sure most people know that we have two Christmas meals this year. This opportunity was taken because we have several members who can’t make lunches and a few who cannot always make evening meetings. The usual lunch at Wormsley golf club is on Monday 14th. Mike sent details out on 15 Nov but if you have not chosen your meal do please let Richard Hammonds know. There is also Christmas dinner at the Bay Horse on 21st. Again you need to choose your menu so if you have not signed up in the yellow book, let Mike know.

Happy Christmas                                                                                     Rob 30 Nov 2015