Scotia/Italia Italians living in Scotland

Tue 22nd March 2016 at 16.30 - 20.30

A talk on the numbers of Italians living in Scotland by Mario Alonzi

Mario Alonzi gave an interesting presentation about the Italians in Scotland, beginning with the three main waves in the past 150 years viz following Italian unification 1861, rise of Fascism 1920 and post WW2. Apart from having family already in Scotland, Italians remained in Scotland during a stop off in Glasgow en route to New York. Work often starting with street peddling selling hot chestnuts in Winter and ice cream in Summer before moving into fish and chips and the cafe culture.

The tribulations of immigrants were shown in Mario's own family history from living in German occupied Italy, internment in Canada, via the ill fated Arandora Star, New York and Wales plus the odd trip back to Italy before settling in Edinburgh.

Many famous Italians were mentioned Forte, Nardini, Valvona, Crolla plus several well known perfomers on stage and theatre.

Altogether an enjoyable and informative presentation.

(Due thanks to Robin Grant)

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