Duty of Care Policy Statement

Duty of Care Policy Statement

The Rotary Club of Ringwood recognises that it has a Duty of Care to its members and any other person who may be affected by its activities. The Club includes the following as part of that Duty:

a) The health, safety and welfare of its members, and any other person participating in an activity organised by the club.

b) The statutory obligations placed on the Club in respect of children & vulnerable adults.

c) The identification of any other items of legislation which may relate to activities which the Club organises.

d. The need to safeguard personal information relating to members and other persons participating in the Club's activities and only use that information for the purpose for which it was provided.

e) The need to safeguard the Club's assets (including money donated to the Club) and to ensure that it is properly accounted for and, in the case of donations, used only for the purpose for which it was donated.

In furtherance of this duty the Club will:

a) Establish a series of written procedures in order that the policy is properly implemented and to ensure that this policy and all procedures for its implementation, are reviewed annually to ensure that they are still current and relevant and that no external factors have changed, or been added, to affect the policy and procedures.

b) Recognise that special attention needs to be paid to any activity which involves the use of equipment (electrical or otherwise) maintainance of equipment, working at heights, manual handling of loads, use of chemicals, preparartion of food, transporting quantities of cash or valuables: in addition any fire risks need to be identified and also any requirement to provide First Aid facilities when the activity is away from established premises.

c) Carry out a Risk Assessment for each activity and event to ensure that any hazards are either eliminated, controlled or the persons participating are personally protected.

d ) Appoint a Club Health & Safety advisor and a Club Protection Officer (CPO). The Health & Safeety Advisor will be resposible for:

   (i) Giving advice to the Club Council, and the Club's members, in the implementation of this policy.

   (ii Maintaining a record of all written Risk assessments.

   (iii) Ensuring that the annual review is carried out and to maintain a record of this review.

   (iv) Liaising with the CPO on the necessity for any disclosure from the Ciminal Records Bureau.

   (v) The CPO is responsible for initiating the disclosure in accordance with the procedures established by Rotary GB&I and for maintaining in a secure, and confidential manner, any records which are reqired to be kept by those procedures.

e) Identify the stucture of the Club's organisation and identify the responsibilities of the Club's Officers and Committee Chairmen in respect of the implementation of this policy and it's supporting procedures. Ensure that all memnbers of the Club understand that they have an obligation to co-operate with the Club's Officers and Committee Chairmen to ensure that they comply with this policy, and its supporting procedures, and that they take reasonable care, not only to ensure their own health and safety, but also those of their fellow Rotarians, and any other persons who may be affected or involved in the Club's activities. When organising activities the Club will utilise the best advice available to ensure that this policy is properly implemented and,

f) Regularly consult with the Club's members to ensure that they are aware of this policy and procedures in order for them to comment constructively on the workings of  the procedures (particularly any difficulties encountered) so the procedures may remain appropriate to the Club's activities.

This policy was approved at the Club Council meeting held on 3rd July 2015.


Signed by Timothy Brigstocke     President    on 3rd July 2016



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