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Rotary Supplies Hearing Help at Home

Bexhill Rotary Club in cooperation with the Audiology Departments at the Conquest and Bexhill Hospitals is now offering a hearing aid service at home for those who have mobility difficulties in the Bexhill area. Carol Gupwell of the Audiology department conceived the scheme which was taken up by the Rotary Club. There is considerable pressure on the Audiology departments not least due to the number of people that fail to turn up for their appointments but a large number of the appointments are for relatively mundane servicing of the hearing aids. These are, however, far from mundane from the users point of view and particularly if they have a mobility problem. In some cases an ambulance has to be provided, carers have to attend and there is the trauma to the patient and often all that is needed is for the hearing aid to be retubed or new batteries fitted. It was felt that a team of Rotary Volunteers could provide an invaluable service by attending these patients at home and thereby relieving the pressure on the overstretched hospital departments. The Audiology department provided the training for the volunteers in servicing the aids including cleaning, retubing, changing batteries, testing and fitting, the volunteers are not medically trained any hearing problems are referred back to the Audiology department. Each of the volunteers worked under the watching eye of Carol at one of the regular clinics before they were deemed competent to visit the public in their own homes. The Voluntary Services Department then carried out CRB checks and provided an induction programme before issuing them with their IDs and Hospital Volunteers red tee shirt! A number of home visits have already been successfully made and the patients reports were very favourable, details are also reported back to the Audiology department so that patient records are fully maintained. Anyone who feels they would qualify for a home visit should contact the Audiology department who will make the necessary arrangements.


Photo shows Rotarians Alan, Roger, Ray and John in their volunteers tee shirts.