Blackpool Gambia Schools Project

An International Project Supported by Blackpool Palatine

Blackpool Gambia School Project was set up in 2003 to help deprived children in The Gambia with their education, We now, with the help of family & friends sponsor 40 children for their education. We have also help build the first three classrooms for Kotukala Primary School. With funding in 2013 from my Rotary Club, Blackpool Palatine, we used local workmen to make the furniture for the classrooms. In 2014 with the help of funding from Palatine Rotary Club we furnished, tiled, painted & plumbed the new toilets for the school. With the money left over we painted & had shelves made for a new library. We now need to raise funds to build the final 3 classrooms. Another project going on is to support a very poor school in the provinces that I discovered this year. It is called Jannehkunda School and has never had any charitable support and it is desperately needed. I gave them a small amount of money this year as a bush fire had destroyed a lot of the fencing around their school garden where they grow bananas, cassava & other crops to be able to supplement the very meagre food the children get. Without the fence it meant that cattle, sheep & other animals could get in & eat everything. The fence has now been renewed with wire so the crops can now grow again. I will be giving a lot more support to this school.

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