Vocational Visits/SS Great Britain, Trident Park & Royal Mint

Visit to SS Great Britain Bristol, Trident Park Energy Recovery Centre, Cardiff and the Royal Mint Llantrisant.

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Our latest visit was to Bristol for a conducted tour of SS Great Britain on 4th August 2017. This was a fascinating insight into Brunel's steam ship. by far the largest ship in the world at the time, constructed with wrought iron plates and propeller driven. It was the ship that changed the whole world of transport when launched in 1843. We enjoyed a most interesting and enjoyable visit with lunch served on board.

Trident Park: Gof Cockell arranged a visit to the Trident Park Energy Recovery Centre, Cardiff which took place on  November 22nd 2016. We had a comprehesive presentation of the working and construction of the site and a guided tour - of the plant - hence the protective gear we are all wearing. It was a fascinating presentation and tour of the facility which processes waste from household bins(325,000 tons a year), incinerates it, and cleans up the combustion products. The end result is a continuous output of safe material for road construction and building material, a clean output of about 70% nitrogen(not the dangerous oxides) and 7% carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, metals for further processing and 30 Megawatt continuous electrical output to the grid. This apparently is enough to power 50,000 homes. It was a most impressive visit under the direction of our engineer/educator Jess and an insight into what must increasingly be the future for dealing with waste.

Royal Mint: Gof also arranged a visit to the Royal Mint at Llantrisant on 14th February 2017. We had an excellent tour of the facility conducted by Phoebe. The tour included technical details on the production/treatment of metals in the modern era with exceptional speed and rates of production with the latest machinery, resulting in production of billions of coins per annum. It also included historical information spanning 1000 years of coin production in Britain. It was indeed a most informative and enjoyable visit which, toward the end, allowed us to stamp our own £1 coins - at a price. Replacement of the current £1 coin of which 3% are now stated to be counterfeit will commence gradually from March 2017 with a bi-metal multi sided coin. Following the visit we adjourned to the Miskin Arms for a delicious lunch. Well done Gof.