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Mon, Jan 22nd 2018 at 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Talk on "OK Our Kids" - Tony and Lynn Bartley
Duty Stewards:David Clay & David Cliff

OK Our Kids founders Tony and Lynn  explain below the objectives of the Charity: 

"I worked for Thames Valley Police for 5 years and it was my role to go into primary Schools to teach the kids all about 'Safety'

I found that there was a real lack of education material in Schools around children's safety so my wife Lynn and I decided to establish a charity called "OK" Our Kids.
Our aim is to "Change the mindset of a whole generation of young children".

We have printed a book called "Watch Out" a child's guide to everyday dangers.
This book has 19 subjects including "Stranger danger", "How to say NO" and "Internet awareness".

Our aim is to get a book to EVERY primary school child, some 8.5 million in the UK.

For those who are not keen on reading we have designed a board game called "Mistakes and Laders". While playing the game you learn the same lessons that are in the "Watch Out" book.
We were asked what we were going to do for teenagers and, through many think tanks, have decided to create 4 five minutes films. 

The subjects are:
"Mental health"

The films will be Directed by a "BAFTA" award winner Neil Hartop, written by Niki Rooney who has worked on "Holyoaks" and now "CBeeBies, and a piece will be done by Dr Sarah Goode who has written several books on Paedophilia.

33% of teenagers "Self harm" and 33% are "Cyber bullied".

Our Patron is Dame Katherine Grainger and we have some awesome people on board as Ambassadors: All Black Legend Zinzan Brooke, Sean Fitzpatrick, Paralympic Champion Naomi Riches, Rugby referee Nigel Owens to name just a few.

We have held events at the "Speakers House", BT Tower, the "Leander Club" and the like.

Our aim is to empower young children to be aware of the dangers in today's society. We can give them help or show them where to get help if they have been a victim in anyway shape or form."

To find out more about OK Our Kids Click here

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