Speaker - Nell Gray - Medecins Sans Frontiere

Thu 5th April 2018 at 20.00 - 22.00

Medecins sans frontieres is a global movement with 30,000 staff across 65 countries. They respond to emergencies and crises deliver medical care where the need is greatest, anywhere in the world. There teams see millions of patients every year in many different types of projects
  • Emergency logistics

    How we make sure our staff always have exactly the right materials for the job at hand

  • The MSF movement

    We are owned and run by our staff, past and present - collectively, they make sure that MSF stays true to its mission and principles

  • The MSF Association

    Our members join together to shape the future of the MSF movement

  • Advocacy

    Along with providing life-saving services, we speak out about what we witness

  • Our charter

    The MSF charter - the principles which drive our work