End Polio - Africa declared free of Polio!

The campaign to completely eradicate Polio from the world is getting closer.

A Polio Free Africa

Rotarians worldwide welcome the news of a polio free Africa. Following a campaign launched by Nelson Mandela in 1996 to hand deliver millions of vaccines to children across the 47 country continent,countless Rotarians across Africa and beyond, raised funds, immunized children and promoted vaccinations. Nine billion doses of oral vaccine prevented almost 1.8 million polio victims.

Mandela was backed by a coalition of groups, including Rotary International, which had spearheaded the polio vaccine drive from the 1980s with the objective to eradicate polio from the world. Rotarians worldwide have continued to fundraise, donate and advocate action to eradicate polio. In the 1980s a thousand polio cases were reported each day around the world with 125 endemic countries. Today, just two countries are endemic.

Rotary is an international community that brings together leaders who step up to take on the challenges, locally and globally. Eradication of polio is one of its longest standing and most significant efforts. With partners, more than 2.5 billion children have been immunised; reported polio cases have been reduced by 99.9% (less than 100 this year worldwide) and efforts will continue until the end of the disease.

Rotarians in Bromley regularly make donations from fundraising events and personal giving in support of polio eradication worldwide. They also raise funds for those in need, locally and abroad.  

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