End Polio

The campaign to completely eradicate Polio from the world is getting closer.

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End Polio Now is the most ambitious programme in Rotary's history.  For more than 30 years Rotary has led  the global effort to rid the world of this crippling disease.  

To eradicate polio, Rotarians have mobilised thousands of our members and friends.  They're working to ensure that children are immunised and that surveillance is strong despite the poor infrastructure, extreme poverty, and civil strife of many countries.  Since the PolioPlus programme's inception in 1985, more than two billion children have received the oral polio vaccine. 

Today more than 16 million people are walking who would have been paralysed by the disease. More than 1.5 million childhood deaths have been prevented. Once polio is eradicated, the world will be able to celebrate a major global advantage that will benefit all children, whatever their origins.

The goal of a polio free world is tantalisingly close. Wild polio virus type 2 has been eradicated and there have been no cases of type 3 for four years. Only in Pakistan and remote parts of Afghanistan and Nigeria is the Wild Type 1 polio virus circulating.

An Endgame Strategy is in place to complete eradication by 2019. 

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Latest position for 2017 (as at 5 December 2017) 

5 WPV1 cases in Pakistan 

11 WPV1 cases in Afghanistan 

There have also been 10 cases of cVDPV in the Democratic Republic of Congo and a recent report of 70 cases of cVDPV in Syria. Although this is disappointing, it is not a setback and vaccination programmes in Syria have been stepped up. To read a full account of cVDPV in Syria, click here. To read a summary, click here.