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Online Meetings

We use Zoom online meeting software for members of the club to meet or discuss projects.  Meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday and third Sunday of the month commencing at 8.00pm (GMT). 
In order to take part in an online meeting you will require a web enabled device with speakers and microphone.  Additionally a webcam will enable us to see your face.  Modern smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers can all be used. 
The Zoom facility can be accessed in the following ways:-

PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android 

You will need the Meeting ID and Password which you can obtain by contacting us.

International numbers available:

Guidelines for use

When we are meeting using Zoom a few guidelines need to be followed to use our time effectively.

  1. Please logon to the meeting early to ensure that your audio and video are set up correctly and to give the meeting host an opportunity to check the audio levels at their end. Also gives you a chance to chat to other members before the meeting officially starts.
  2. During presentations all participants apart from the speaker will be muted.  Should you wish to ask a question please either 'raise your hand' or send a chat message to the meeting host and unmute your microphone. 
  3. Should the presenter wish to share their screen press “Share Screen” and select the application to share. 
  4. Please note that the meetings may be recorded for fellow members to view at a later date.
  5. Please have your microphone muted until it’s your turn to speak. If you have no need to speak, and you haven’t already been muted by the presenter, mute youself (saves extraneous noises, e.g. your telephone ringing, dog barking, police siren sounding locally, etc., being heard by everyone at the meeting)

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