PhysioNet provides physiotherapy and mobility equipment to developing countries. Our Club acts as a collection and storage point for used equipment in the Bucks/Berks area

PhysioNet was established in 2005 with the aim of providing physiotherapy and mobility equipment for the disabled in developing countries. Bulk collections of equipment are made from the NHS, Social Service Departments, Local Education Authorities and the private sector throughout the UK. PhysioNet is based in North Yorkshire with support centres in East Anglia, Lancashire, South East and the West Country. Equipment is checked and listed at the PhysioNet depot in North Yorkshire. Items are then sent in 40' containers to destinations around the world, including Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

The photo is of a little girl in Bulgaria who had just received an ultra lightweight walker. This was the first time she has walked independently. She is absolutely delighted and Grandma doesn't fully realise she doesn't need to be helped any more.

Physionet can't change the world for everyone but it can make a world of difference for one person (and their family)