A new Rotary experience for Penarth

We are looking ahead to shape a new Rotary for the future

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Rotary International may be the World’s oldest voluntary service organisation but we are looking ahead to shape Rotary for the future.   
The basis of Rotary is still the individual club but today that can take many different forms, as can membership.  Men and women from all walks of life are now much more able to be in Rotary because the group or club they belong to can be shaped to suit today’s lifestyles.   
Those who join Rotary usually do so because it offers them an opportunity to give something to their community, be that a local or more general focus.  For many years the Rotary Club of Penarth offered just such an opportunity and brought many benefits to the town and a much wider community but has decided to ‘call it a day’ largely because of the increasing age profile of members.   
Much as we regret this loss, we see it as a great opportunity to re-launch Rotary in Penarth on a different basis and so, initially we intend to create a Satellite group, which will be hosted by Cardiff Bay Rotary and supported by other local Clubs.   We hope to gather together a group of interested and like-minded individuals who will take this idea forward, with help and guidance from existing Rotarians but with freedom to decide how, when and where they will meet, what they will do and  how they will operate.  Initially they will be members of Cardiff Bay Club, full Rotarians with all the privileges and responsibilities of membership of our fantastic organisation, but with the ability to form their own club as they grow.  
We are forming a small steering group made up of Rotary members and others from the Penarth community.  They will help pilot the introduction of this new Rotary in the town and give guidance and support to those who will form the new satellite group - and one day the new Penarth Rotary Club.
Please go to cardiffbayrotary.org.uk and for further information contact the coordinator Rotarian Keith Moger on 07796 902451 or at rotarymembershipcb@gmail.com