Speaker - Rtn Patricia Latimer - The Baylis Trust

Thu 18th October 2018 at 20.00 - 22.00

Rtn Patricia Latimer a Trustee of the Louis Baylis Trust gives an insight into the workings of the Trust. The Trust

The Trust is the charitable arm of Maidenhead Advertiser and distributes grants of over £100,000 to more than 100 recipients each year. It has a policy of distributing the majority of the grants to local organisations and charities, the balance going to regional and national organisations

The majority of applications for grants from the Trust are received by post from local and national charities and organisations that are aware of the Trust.

The Trust supports all sections of the community served by the publications of Baylis Media Ltd and actively encourages applications for grants from the Trust.

The bulk of donations are made to benefit the elderly and the young, although many other groups including the Arts are also supported.

Support is also given to both Regional and National Charities.