A new type of Rotary group

We are actively seeking people in Burnham and the Farnhams area who want to be part of a new type of group based on Rotary ideals - for people with busy lives and families.

An opportunity for you...

• Would you like the satisfaction of contributing to your local community?

• Would you like to make new friends?

• Have you any ideas for helping people in the local community and the surrounding area?

• Are you interested in professional networking?

We’re starting a new flexible, family-friendly group and looking for people who want to make a difference.

Do you want to be part of the new Rotary?

We are looking to help establish a brand new, less formal, more flexible and family friendly Rotary group in the area. We're keen to find community and charity minded people with busy lives, who would nevertheless like the opportunity to get involved and give something back.

This new group will be supported in its aims by the Burnham Beeches Rotary, but will be free to organise its own meetings and types of projects supported; a group you would enjoy being a member of! Rotary's simple idea is to help create a better world by undertaking projects locally, nationally and internationally using your own professional skills.

For an idea on how this works in other areas take a look at this article: New Style Rotary Clubs

To be part of this new venture contact claire.popple@rcbb.co.uk

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