Corporate Membership

Details of Corporate Membership and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Membership

Is your organisation looking to develop its corporate social responsibility policies? 

Are you looking for leadership development opportunities for your staff? 

Are you looking to “give back” to your community? 

Are you looking for links with an organisation that provides more than just networking? Do you want to find out more about Rotary?

If the answers to any of these questions is “Yes!” – Read on.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many successful businesses have found that one way of engaging with staff, customers and other stakeholders is to have a vision which goes beyond the business itself. This is sometimes referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Is your organisation clear about the ways in which it is involved in helping charities or providing sponsorship? Is your organisation looking for opportunities to give time, resources or in-kind donations or making unused assets available to others? Does it give its employees a chance to get involved in these things? How does it measure its impact on society beyond the business?

There are many ways in which Rotary could help your organisation to develop its corporate social responsibility policy encouraging the organisation as a whole or some key individuals to get involved in Rotary programmes.

The benefits of getting your organisation involved

Rotary provides a useful development tool to help senior staff members develop leadership, project management and public speaking skills as well as a wider vision for the world. Rotary has a strong ethical foundation and good international links. There are opportunities for them to build networks, to learn from experienced business people, use their skills for the wider good and to get involved with humanitarian project in your local community and overseas.

In addition to other benefits, your organisation’s involvement with Rotary will allow you to use the widely known Rotary brand on your website.

How can you help your organisation to get involved?

Chislehurst Rotary Club organises many corporate fund-raising events. Its most high-profile event is its Fireworks Display in November.  We also undertake a Christmas Collection around the streets of Chislehurst and The Chislehurst Summer Fair in November which is held on the Commons.  We regularly raise between £50,000 and £100,000 each year. These are great team-building events. If you would like your organisation to get involved in one of these please email us using the link below.  

To get involved in all our service projects, fundraising and social events on a more regular basis, consider joining Rotary as a corporate member. Corporate membership is one way in which an organisation can build links with Rotary for the benefit of several members of staff at the same time.

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Welcome to the website of the Rotary Club of Chislehurst, a very lively, active club of which I have the honour of being President during the year 2023-2024.


The Safeguarding regulations that are observed by Chislehurst Rotary

Since 1967, the Chislehurst Rotary Club has been a source of enjoyment to its members and the local community.

Our members enjoy an active social programme and the opportunity to help others. The Rotary Club encourages service to the community both locally and internationally.


Rotary Clubs operate within areas of service - to their local, national and international communities and to the Club itself. The service areas within our Club are: Community; International; Foundation (Rotary"™s charity organisation); Club; and Social.


Community Service is the Club's link with the local community. Emphasis is placed on links within the immediate Chislehurst area, where substantial efforts and contributions are made to help local charities and to undertake projects to help those in need.


We are a small, but enthusiastic, Club with a strong commitment to helping those less fortunate overseas; ensuring that any aid is provided where it is needed and managed locally so that all funds are used wisely and effectively.


The Rotary Foundation is a world wide charity whose aim is to support the efforts of Rotary International in its mission to achieve worldwide understanding and peace through local and national humanitarian, educational and cultural support programmes.


The Club Service Committee works with our elected Club Council to ensure, as far as possible, the smooth running of the Club


The Social team (a sub-committee of Club Service) deals with all the social aspects of the Club. If we can raise some money for charity, then that is an extra bonus!!


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