Aquabox Ambassador

Aquabox is a community led project set up by RC Wirksworth in Derbyshire with the primary aim to provide humanitarian aid in natural or manmade disasters globally.

Family Filter in Action in the Gambia
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With the passage of time Aquabox has achieved a degree of independence and is now supported by a number of rotary clubs on a skills led basis. As the next step in its Corporate development it has recently achieved membership of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

An Aquabox contains humanitarian aid, i.e. shelter materials and tools, items for babies and children, hygiene and first aid items, cooking and feeding utensils together with an Aquafilter.

Of  primary importance is the ability to provide safe drinking water in disaster scenarios where the existing infrastructure has been seriously compromised or, more increasingly, in geographic areas where there is no formal infrastructure. Extreme and extended dry weather periods can result in the surface water and groundwater sources being over exploited with consequent deterioration of both the quality and bacterial safety of the water supply.

The Aquabox includes a hollow fibre membrane filter [Aquafilter] which has a high level of removal efficiency of bacteria and viruses. Recent developments in hollow fibre technology have yielded a membrane with a pore size of 0.02 microns, and now give high removal rates of the polio virus. [ 0.03 micron sizing ].

To raise the Aquabox charity to the next fund raising level the Trustees have developed the concept of an Ambassador. Having completed a successful pilot of the role they are now moving forward towards establishing an Ambassador network covering the UK with longer term ambitions to become a globally recognised brand. To date eight national Ambassadors have been appointed.

RC Dronfield have been accredited as the first Ambassador Club. The skill base of RC Dronfield has an excellent match with the role definition developed by the Aquabox Trustees. If you feel you have a skill match with the needs of the role we would welcome you into the delivery team. Please get in touch using the contact button on our web site quoting Ambassador Role.

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