Rob's April report

Here's the president's round-up of the last month's activities

Here's the President's chair - now fully restored and back in use

At Torquay we had a good conference. Hotel, just right and good speakers. Sadly, only Anne was happy with the rugby. Next year it’s in from 13 to15 March. We have provisionally booked the Bourneville where we stayed three years ago. Put the dates in your diary for a fun weekend.

In March, we had a couple of good speaker meetings. Tim Hinton on family and WW1 battlefields and the Butterfills opening our eyes to the Hereford Night Shelter. Although we missed it, I gather the Friday meal went well. The next is an Italian on 10th May.

Looking forward, we start public duck ticket selling on Sunday. John has sent out rotas. Apparently only about 5 of us have returned our personal sales vouchers as requested. Please do so soon. It allows Colin and Kevin to start getting them onto the spreadsheet and helps John to check progress. At Council we confirmed the various responsibilities. Mike Lyke will be back shortly from his trip and will take over coordination now that John Tallis has departed.

Our next meeting is called ‘Arse of Sadaam’. Lets hope its not an anti-climax. We had a speaker with an amusing title a while back and it was a damp squid. I am sure you know by now that the meeting on 15th is now in the evening. It includes our AGM, when under RI rules, our committee chairs report on the year and we confirm next year’s officers.

Heather reported on a range of activities that the former chairs have arranged for this summer. Lunch at the Hammonds as our meeting on 3rd June and a visit, arranged by Bobbie, to on the 21st. Paul has arranged for Rotary to have the proceeds from an HAOC show on 3rd July. We need to go ourselves and to sell tickets to our friends - all of which goes to the club. We have been on previous years. It’s a good night. Details of these in yellow book or speak to the person mentioned.

Two further July events. On 20th Heather is arranging a range of activity at HRH’s shooting lodge adjacent to their farm. Very smart venue and we are first to run an event there. Then on 29th we are invited to Judy and Peters’. Put in diaries, details to follow.                              Rob 5 April 2019