Christmas Sleigh

Wed 4th December 2019 at 17.30 - 20.30

Route details

Wednesday 4th December

Brief description of route:

Manor Road North, Chesterton Drive, Farm Close, Chyngton Gardens, Stirling Avenue, Ash Drive, Badgers Copse, Tudor Manor Gardens

More details:

Please note that the details of the route may vary according to circumstances on the evening.

5.30 Manor Road North
  Stoke Close
  Stoke Manor Close
  Chesterton Drive
  Chesterton Avenue
  Farm Close
  Chyngton Gardens
  Upper Chyngton Gardens
  Pevensey Close
  Greenwell Close
  Stirling Avenue
  Perth Close
  Stirling Close
  Elgin Gardens
  Ash Drive
  Sycamore Close
  Elm Close
  Willow Drive
  Juniper Close
  Badgers Copse
  Tudor Manor Gardens
  Finish about 8.30

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Map of route