Club Meeting Partners Evening

Mon, Sep 9th 2019 at 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm

Jazz Evening.SIGN IN WITH CHRISOPHER TYLER ONLY..........Duty Stewards: David Griggs & Bill Groves

    Arrangements for the Jazz Night

    1. As far as I am concerned, the numbers are 55 as below and I have spoken  with Kim and with Trevor about them. There are three vegetarians: Mel Foster, Jack Insley and Fiona Insley; a fourth vegetarian meal is on standby. Only those on my list will get in: I have made this clear since July in announcements and emails and flyers and passing the list around; there is no excuse for anyone not knowing what is going on.
    2. Timetable: the trio will arrive from 1845 and will take about half and hour to set up at the entrance end of the room. I have agreed with Jane Baker that there will be no screen. The trio will play informally from 1915 to 1945 when the President will start with initial business, followed by the meal at 2000. At the end of the meal, any further business will be conducted. The trio will play from 2100 to about 2130. The genre of jazz is “Lounge Jazz.”
    3. The emphasis is on the informal. During the first section [1915 to 1945] people may mingle, chat, gets drinks etc. The trio will play background. After dinner, for the second section [2100 to 2130], people will still be able to mingle and get coffee and drinks etc and the trio will perform. The aim is to be cleared and out by 2145 as usual.
    4. The trio: Charlie Bellini on Keyboard: Charlie is a former student at the AGS and is about to start at Bristol University reading Maths and Philosophy. Jack and Toby Insley on bass guitar and drums respectively are brothers and study with the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy. Jack has won a scholarship to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, commencing later this month to study Jazz; Toby is a former player in the National Children’s Orchestra and is in his final year at AGS, specialising in maths and physics.


    The President x 2

    Tyrer x 2, plus 2 guests and 3 band members

    Tony Bacon x 2

    Paul Woodward Court x 2

    Richard Stevenson x 2 

    Tony Maisey x 2

    Chris Brooks x 2

    Trevor Fitch x 1

    Tony Bundock x 1

    John Vicary x 1

    Trevor Giles x 2 

    David Cliff x 2 

    Peter Cline x 1 

    Malcolm Barker x 2

    Peter Miles x 2 

    Ellis Artus x 2

    Trudi Scrivener x 2

    John Holmes x 2

    David Clay x 2

    Brian Clark x 4

    Pauline Flynn x 1 

    Keith Rosling x 2

    Frank Brown x 2

    Joy Biggs x 1

    Mel Foster x 2 

    Paul Shields x 1

    William Summers x 2

    Loiz Bale x 1