Visit to Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford

Thu 27th June 2019 at 18.30 -

An event organised by Chelmsford Phoenix Rotary, a visit to the school of medicine

From 6:30pm (optional) there will be guided tours around the medical school where you will get a chance to see the superb facilities available in the school of medicine. With over 80 attending, there will be 3 or 4 tour groups. The tours will last about 20 minutes. People will be allocated a group as they arrive, so they will be mixed groups. Trying to do it per club is not viable. At the end of the tour everyone returns to the foyer where the buffet is served.

From 7:15 onwards there will be a buffet with a good selection of savoury dishes prepared by the university.

At 8:00pm we will transfer to the lecture theatre for a talk titled Beyond The Call.

This is an audio visual presentation using anecdotes, letters, poems, diaries and news bulletin's that takes us from Florence Nightingale in the Crimean war, through the forgotten history of the Voluntary Aid Detachment and on to the extreme front line nursing of today putting their own lives and risk.
Directions and car park details will be provided nearer the date.

Email Mobile 07733088548



The cost is £14 p.p. As they have to pre-book the buffet, tickets will not be available on the door.

Alan Pudney has kindly agree to create a list of those people interested in going – NOTE: This will be our 4th Thursday meeting in June [not at The Plough].

Please advise Alan by Mon 10th June whether or not you will be going and with/without your partner.

If you are going, please arrange to forward a cheque for the amount due to Alan or Peter Phillips – marking on the reverse -

“Chelmsford Phoenix Event”, so we can collect all monies due.

It sounds a very interesting evening…….. It's hoped many of us will go. It’s also a chance to meet other Rotarians from Chelmsford area.