Washington Carnival

Sat 14th September 2019 at 9.45 am - 4.00 pm

Rotary at the annual Carnival in Albany Park

Washington Carnival was held in Albany Park on Saturday 14th September. Washington Forge Rotary was there and as part of our display we highlighted ShelterBox and GrifAid Water Filters. ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and tools for families around the world, who have been robbed of their homes by natural disaster or conflict. In developed countries clean water is often taken for granted, whilst for others it is not readily accessible. Grifaid produces 'Family' and 'Community' water filters assembled here in Washington.

We really appreciate all those who took the time to visit us to hear more about what we do in our community. The ShelterBox and Grifaid water filters also attracted much interest, and over 50 carnival-goers took advantage of our free blood pressure checks, including the Mayor and Mayoress of Sunderland, Councillors David and Dianne Snowdon. Great to see so many local groups coming together today - well done Washington. #communityspirit #PeopleofAction. #rotaryconnectstheworld