Christmas Sleigh

Thu 12th December 2019 at 5.30 pm - 8.30 pm

Route details

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Thursday 12th December

Brief description of route:

Harison Road, Sandore Road, Bromley Road, Richington Way, Alfriston Road, Etherton Way, Haven Brow, Hindover Road, The Byeways, Sutton Drove.

More details: 

Please note that the details of the route may vary according to circumstances on the evening.


5.30 Harison Road
  Sandore Road
  Sandore Close
  Bromley Road
  Eton Close
  Harrow Close
  Roedean Close
  Benenden Close
  Rugby Close
  Dulwich Close
  Blue Haze Avenue
  Richington Way
  part of Alfriston Road
  Etherton Way
  Haven Brow
  Rough Brow
  Short Brow
  Hindover Road
  Hindover Crescent
  The Byeways
  Sutton Drove
  Finish about 8.30

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Map of route