Supporting the National Beach Clean

On Friday 20th September the Rotary Club of South Foreland and Friends took part in the St Margaret's Bay Beach Clean

The Great British Beach Clean

Thousands of people took part in the 26th Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean which took place between Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd September all around our coastline. 

  Locally, the St Margaret’s Bay Beach Clean, held on the morning of Friday 20th, was organised by Jody Boxhall, General Manager of St Margaret’s Bay Holiday Resort, who liaised with the Rotary Clubs of South Foreland and Dover. Rotarians take an active part in this annual event as part of their service to the community. The Pines Gardens, BHP Parobus and Marlborough Cottages also gave their support.  In all over 30 volunteers from the Rotary Clubs and Holiday Resort met in the Coastguard Pub car park on a beautiful late summer morning before collecting and recording litter from the Bay Beach.  The litter collected was removed by Dover District Council at the end of the clean up and Jody will be sending the survey sheets to the Marine Conservation Society.

Thanks to Jody and her volunteers for taking part in this worthwhile event.  We know that marine wildlife is under threat from litter in the oceans and seas with, for example, many species accidentally eating or becoming entangled in plastics or fishing line.  In the last 25 years the Great British Beach Clean has been leading the way in tackling ocean pollution, contributing to its reduction by helping with impacts such as the plastic bag charge, the banning of micro plastics in personal care products and support for a tax on single plastic items.

Significantly the Beach Clean coincided with a day of global demonstrations against climate change with many children joining in, and on the following day Extinction Rebellion blockaded the Port of Dover to raise awareness of climate change.


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