Katie's September Presidential Newsleter

Katie Farmer's first report for members

Katie Farmer is our new president

Hello folks, better late than never!
So, a round up of the last three months; it’s flown.
We enjoyed a lovely evening at Rob’s handover. Some members of the club have clearly missed their vocation! Many thanks to Rob, Margaret and family for having us.
Unfortunately we didn’t have our “doo in the shed”, the event at Judy’s nor the bbq; but the latter we have to look forward to in the spring.
We have had lots of interesting talks so far this year with many more in the pipeline. It’s been really nice for me to see everyone at the evening meetings having only made lunch in recent times. Thank you to Phil, Paul and others that have found us such excellent guests.
Heather and San took on the ultimate adrenaline rush with their epic zip wire, raising over £1,000 for the food bank, a huge well done to them.
Anne Ellis joined us as a full member, thank you Anne, and we have seen a small handful of our Rotarian friends leave us on a full time basis. However it’s pleasing to see them continue to attend as honorary members.
This week I met with Stan Austin’s family, Ellen Fone, representing the MS Society and Hereford Lions Club to unveil the three benches that we have each purchased from Stan’s legacy. The benches are situated to the left of the bowling green (as you look at it) on the lower level of the Castle Green. Please do continue to make suggestions to Colin regarding how we spend the remaining legacy.
We had the very sad news that Roy Davies passed away this summer. Roy was an active Rotarian prior to his ill heath and will be sorely missed by us all. Thank you to everyone that attended and represented the club at his memorial last month.
Tonight sees our rescheduled annual putting competition where I hope to see the “Tigers” amongst us taking it as seriously as I will be (it’s the winning! ;)) please do all keep everything crossed for an hour of dry weather!
The international social gatherings continue with this Saturday seeing us visit the Mediterrane restaurant in Red Barn Drive. I have heard that it is very good, so do let Kevin know if you haven’t already that you’re attending. Thanks to Kevin for organising them.
We now look forward to the autumn and a packed program of great speakers and we will endeavour
to organise an event to keep us all entertained and perhaps make a few pennies in the process. Ian
Cox and I are on to it!
Thank you to our committee chairs who so far have been working really hard to move the club forward and achieve our aims. I will endeavour to visit you all. Your efforts are appreciated.
Please do let me and/or Kevin Basden and his admin committee know if you have any suggestions for speakers, activities, trips or new ideas for the club to keep us busy, engaged and entertained.
We continue to meet at the slightly earlier time of 6.15 for 6.45, please do feedback if this is making attending difficult.
Here’s to the next three months and the run up to Christmas (it’s won’t be long!)
Katie :)