Guest speaker from “Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers” at weekly meeting.

Thu, Nov 28th 2019 at 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Insight into the world of Fine Art Auctioneers Sworders.

Tim Turner of Sworders with Rotary Club president Willie Fraser.

Members of Dunmow Rotary Club learned about the world of local Fine Art Auctioneers, Sworders, through their guest speaker, Tim Turner of Sworders.

Mr Turner provided a fascinating insight into how auction houses, such as theirs, have to evolve with the times as the demands in the market change.  He sighted how the furniture market has changed in recent years and that which was once destined for the skip is now highly sort after.

He also discussed the difficulties of identifying true masterpieces from fake versions and how, with some of the classic pieces, can been seen as genuine one day and then discredited the next.  He relayed several interesting stories highlighting these issues.  

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