Update on Rotary's support for the people of Ukraine


The Rotary GB&I Ukraine Crisis Taskforce, led so ably by PDG Allan Smith, was established at the outset of the war to raise awareness of the priority needs identified from their contacts across Ukraine and in the bordering countries and it has done an incredible job. They have operated in accordance with the guidelines set for them by the senior leadership in GB&I. The Taskforce has established a strong collaborative relationship with Ukraine’s own District 2232's Crisis Team including both DG Vitalii Lesko and IPDG Volodymyr Bondarenko. They meet regularly as a combined team and more frequently in smaller groupings to ensure the information and requests they provide to us all in these islands is what has been identified by our Ukrainian colleagues as the key priorities.

Their work is ongoing and at present the GB&I Taskforce is awaiting an updated project list from D2232 of their highest priority needs following the Moshchun Recovery Project which has been the focus in July and August. This new ‘menu’ of projects will be made available to you all as soon as it is available and 2-4 projects from it will be focused on every 2 months or so. 

Sadly there seems little end in sight to this devastating war and the harsh winter conditions are just weeks or even days away. We want to thank you in advance for your ongoing support for everyone impacted by this war, including our guests here in Great Britain and Ireland. We know all you are doing is alongside the many other humanitarian service projects you are involved in every day in your communities both locally and elsewhere in the world.


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Photograph of medicines arriving in Cherkasy from Austria thanks to Rotary.

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