Crazy Golf

Tue, Sep 1st 2020 at 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

International & Foundation Fundraiser which raised £285

The Club’s first fund-raising event of the year was the International Committee’s adventure golf evening on Hastings seafront on the evening of 1 September.

A total of 17 Rotarians, one honorary member and 14 guests enjoyed perfect weather, allowing us all to forget about the Covid chaos dominating our lives at the time. 

We had all pre-ordered our meals and the golf company had everything ready to go at 6 o’clock, with individual boxes marked with our names, meaning no arguing about who ordered what. We were all able to eat outside, with appropriate distances maintained. From personal experience, the fish and chips were great – they were certainly enjoyed by the seagull that swooped on John Crone’s meal just as he was about to tuck in. The sky was blue and for a moment, once John realised what was happening, so was the air.

Food consumed, it was off to the first tee. James, Peter and John (Cooper), with the honour of Cooden Golf Club hanging on their every shot, set a blistering pace but encountered some obstacles not often found on links courses, at least that was the excuse they used when the results were announced. Social distancing rules meant the starts were evenly staggered, resulting in progress at a steady pace and none of the log-jams often encountered on a busy course.

The time flew and the holes were mastered, one by one, until we assembled at the end to see who would claim the prize. For hole-in-one virtuosity it was Corinne who stood looking at the nineteenth hole (which gives you a free round if you hole the shot) and said “Does anyone ever win on this?” before promptly holing her shot and getting her just reward.

As to the more traditional prize, the Cooden members failed to push home the advantage gained from years of practice, leaving a couple of bandits, Perry and Geoff, to share top spot with 46 shots apiece.

As to the raffle, as well as those present, members who couldn’t make it had bought tickets meaning that the top prize of a bottle of Sussex Blue Gin was won by the absent Roger Batey, with second prize of the leisure shirt (gorgeously donated earlier in the year by Christine and Richard Lane) went to the absent Ben Tomasetti.


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