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Tue, Feb 2nd 2021 at 5:37 pm- Thu, May 27th 2021 - 7:37 pm

How to join volunteering at a vaccination centre

V3 01.02.21 Joining Instructions for Vaccination Volunteers at the Aylesham and Dover Centres Rostered by Local Rotary Club


Please take the time to read the Marshal Instructions for the Centre that you’ll be supporting before you attend for your first shift. Please remember, if all else fails…read the instructions!

 Wear layers of clothing so that you are able to work outside if necessary but also so that you can remove some to avoid getting too hot when indoors.

 Bring your own face mask. Additional disposable masks and gloves are available inside the Centre.

 Bring your own his-vis vest/tabard if you have one. If not, there are hi vis vests available from the reception counter at both Centres. If they haven’t run out, there should also be hi vis Rotary Club tabards which are easy to put. Please feel free to keep the tabard whilst ever you are volunteering so you know it’s clean etc but PLEASE do return it when this is all over! Please let Robin Dodridge know if the supply of hi-vis is getting low.

 On arrival, enter via the front door, wearing your own mask, and explain to the receptionist that you’re a Rotary volunteer. The receptionist will direct you to the person in charge of the vaccination team and s/he will explain what’s needed. Often, that will simply be a matter of being introduced to an off-going volunteer who will show you the ropes including wear to hang your coat, find the loo and get a hot drink. Feel free to take a small bottle of water with if you wish.

 Always maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly and wear your face mask.

 Aylesham Health Centre – Queens Road, Aylesham CT3 3BB

The Vaccination Centre is situated within the Health Centre. There is a large car park surrounding the Health Centre and parking is free. 

When approaching the front door on a weekday, you will most likely see vaccinees queuing outside. Pass by them, enter the main door and follow the Vaccination Centre sign.

 Dover Health Centre - Maison Dieu Rd, Dover CT16 1RH  

The Vaccination Centre is situated within the Health Centre. There is a large pay and display car park at the rear of the Health Centre. Maison Dieu Road is one-way and the car park entrance is just beyond the Health Centre. Volunteers are allowed to park free of charge providing the details of their cars have been pre-registered with Dover District Council (DDC). To register, send your car registration to for submission to DDC. It will take 1 working day for DDC to update their exemption list.

 Enter the building by the front door nearest to the car park entrance at the top of the short flight of steps/ramp. There will not normally be a queue outside.

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