Meetings & Speakers 2021

Meetings and Speakers 2021

Rotary Meeting 18 Feb 2021
Zoom meeting with speaker Alison Mees (a wildlife photographer) and rotarians from our twin club in Germany, Cochem-Zell. Alison was inspired by the film Born Free as a young girl. She set her heart on having a lion cub as a pet. That didn’t happen but it kindled a passion for big cats and particularly for cheetahs. She combines her love of cheetahs with her skill in photography and spent much of her professional time in Africa studying and recording these magnificent animals. Like many endangered species, cheetahs are under pressure and charities such as CCF UK are working to protect them. See Cheetah Conservation Fund UK (CCF UK) and Alison's website Rotary Meeting 18 February 2021

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