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                                                                                                          Newsletter No. 12

                                                                                                               31 March 2021

President Malcolm says..

Happy Easter to you and all those close and important to you.
Easter is traditionally a time of rebirth, and at last, after a long and difficult winter we have reached the longer days when temperatures are warmer (hopefully). Naturally, we are all starting to feel a lot more positive and adventurous. We also have the bonus of many people have been vaccinated against covid and the promise of life returning to almost normal in the Summer.
District Governor Alison, to add some certainty for Clubs decided that face to face meetings will not resume during her year which ends on 30th June. In anticipation, we have been planning for our return, and we hope to hold at least one social event each month as soon as we can. If you have an idea for these activities, please contact Julian.

While things are looking up, we still need to carry on with washing our hands, keeping our distance, and following Government guidelines for the sake of everyone in our community. Now we are starting to move about, this is the time to wear your Rotary Distance Aware badges. If you need more, please let me know.

Yours in Rotary Fellowship,


What happened at this week’s meeting?
It was a fellowship meeting. Julian and Geraint outlined what they had learned at the incoming Presidents training at the weekend. The main message was the fall in membership over the recent past years.

The District had received a donation of M&Ms from Mars. The sweets are to be distributed to adults. Consideration is being given to how best this can be achieved.

What have we been doing?

Megan has approached the Cardiff Third Sector Council about the Club joining.

Geraint and Julian attended the incoming Presidents training.

Club Projects

The Club is continuing to deliver projects and we want as many ideas as possible. Our current projects are:

  • Cardiff Food Bank. The Club has decided to support the other Rotary Clubs in Cardiff to raise £15,000 to equip the larger premises which the Foodbank is currently looking for. Currently £8,000 has been raised through crowd funding and other donations. The feeling is with a fair wind that we could still raise £11,000 which is below our target. All is not lost, and District is releasing some funding which Area will make a bid for. In the meantime, if you have not gifted aided your donation can you complete the form and return it to Phil at Llanishen Rotary Club. A promotional video an be found on YouTube at the just giving page for any donations is

  • The Young Carers would like to learn how to knit and sew to make and maintain clothes. They are looking for volunteers with the relevant skills to teach them online initially and later at their weekly meetings on Saturday mornings at the Pavilion Centre. If you have an old sewing machine that is working but don’t need, the Young Carers will give it a good home. The Club has already donated four sewing machines.

Donations of the following items are also welcome:

  • Knitting wool

  • Knitting needles

  • Crochet needles.

  • Wool or other suitable materials.

  • remnants of fabric and maybe old clean knitted clothes that could be recycled or old clean clothes to be recycled.

  • Knitting bags etc or old sewing boxes or old working sewing machines.

  • Cottons.

  • Needles etc.

  • String for macrame if anyone can teach macrame.

If you have any donations, please contact Loretta.

What’s happening about…

Size of Wales. The 3 March postponed talk by Barbara Davies from the Charity has been rescheduled for Wednesday 28 April. The Club will be presenting the Charity with a donation on the same night.

The Christmas Trip 2021. The trip is planned to take place in December 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Geraint Phillips, Julian Johns, or Mike Warsop.

Distance Aware. Cardiff East is still supporting District 1150’s project to distribute Distance Aware badges. If you want more badges to distribute, please contact Malcolm.

Further information about the initiative can be found on the Bevan Commission site (

Coming events for your diary…

Please pencil into your diary that the Sully Car Show, organised by Dinas Powis Rotary Club, will provisionally take place on Sunday 19th September 2021. This will be a fun event and Cardiff East has agreed to help on the day.

Online Volunteer Expo will take place on Friday 7th May and Saturday 8th May. Never has volunteering and supporting the community been more important. Volunteer Expo Online has an exciting programme of celebrity campaigners, sector leaders and volunteer heroes ready to tell you their story. Simply click here to book your free tickets

You may also be interested in ….

Rotary Radio. Tune into Rotary Radio 365 days a year 24 hours a day on for entertainment and to learn about the good work done by Rotary International.

KidsOut The National Rotary KidsOut Day is taking place 19 June 2021, while we are unlikely to be able to do our usual event an alternative Rotary Cinema Ticket event is being considered. More information to follow.

Cardiff Bay Rotary Club have invited our members to their meetings.

Details are shown on the Members section of the Newsletter.

Our next meeting is..
On Wednesday 14th April, author and photographer Richard Keen will give us an introduction to the Industrial History of Wales. Richard is a specialist in the industrial history and archaeology of Wales and a National Trust Adviser. He has made over 40 television programmes on Welsh history and landscape. He has written for the Welsh Tourist Board and AA publications and his previous publications include Coal-Face: A Social History of Coal Mining in South Wales. Richard Keen currently lives in Glamorgan. Thanks, will be given on behalf of the Club by Neil Lyle.

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