General Meeting - Live

Thu, Jul 15th 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting online Thursday 15th July 2021, @ 08.00am

Present:               Dave C; Lesley; Pat; Margaret; Godfrey; Andrew ; Kathy; Paul; Pete; Jean & Andrew ; Marian; David K; Nick; Sue; Hilary.

Apologies:           David B

Birthdays:            Lesley said Happy Birthday to Spyros and Kathy.

Staying Safe:      Lesley has emailed the golf club about what if any Covid precautions they want us to observe after 19th July when we meet on 29th July.  No response yet.  The Board meeting this week felt we should take things slowly in terms of abandoning precautions.  We don’t know how many members will choose not to join us for face-to-face meetings.  Lesley went through the suggestions from the Board for staying safe – see the notes of the Board meeting already circulated.  Nick felt it will be more inclusive to our membership if we do continue to observe these precautions.  Marian said it helps people feel safe who may be clinically vulnerable.  There was a question about the continued suitability of the Golf Club as a venue?  It’s a bit cramped.  Pat mentioned the Plough, which we have used before.  Hilary suggested that if we have to be spread out, we should have a microphone available for use.  Dave C has big and small mikes and amps.

Tree Planting / Environment:  Andrew spoke about the small area of trees and rose bushes near Maydown Road.  We could plant a tree there, and the parish council will also let us put up a sign advertising the club.  The members will however have to commit to the ongoing maintenance of the area.  He and David M will reconnoitre and let us know how big a job is involved.  It would give us a strong toehold with the parish council ‘though.

Gardening at the Whit & Tank:  This will be from 09.00 / 09.30am on 31stJuly.  Marian said that there is a new matron there who would like the central area to be cleared once more so it can be used as a sensory area by patients. 

Rotary Ride:       The Board has discussed this and decided to have another informal walk / ride like we did last year.  The difference will be that we will start from the opposite end ie the car park at Minnis Bay, and walk / cycle back to Reculver.  It will be during the afternoon of Saturday 4th September.  Since it’s in aid of Prostate Cancer, there will be a suggested donation of £5.00 for participants, or £10.00 for non-participants. 

Charity Golf Day 10th September:  Nick said that this is edging along in the right direction.  David M has said that he will chase up the teams who took part last year, after 19thJuly. 

Any Other Business:       

-          Sue asked if Robert can put details of the Golf day on the club Face book page.

-          Andrew B said that he has had a response from Lauren, the Global Scholar.  Kathy will contact her about Conference.

-          Andrew B has had a thank you from Tony Giles about the £500 donation to Hope Guinea.

-          Andrew B said that Eric & Linda at Apeldoorn are interested in re-establishing formal international relations between their club and ours.

-          Pat reminded everyone about the meal this coming week ie Thursday 22nd  July at 7.00pm at the Yangtse.

-          Margaret has agreed to take over the raffle at club meetings.  Can members please remember to donate prizes.

-          Nick said that Gordon is back in hospital.  Godfrey said he has had a rough time recently.

-          Lesley mentioned her speaker from SNAAP.

Next meeting:

7.00pm for 7.30pm 29th July at the Golf Club

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