General Meeting - Live - Speaker Carrie Wood SNAAP

Thu, Aug 5th 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting Thursday 5th August 2021 from 07.15am @ The Plough

Present:               Lesley (President); Pat; Pippa; Spyros; Nick; David K; Robert; Dave C; Godfrey; Kathryn; Sue; Margaret; Marion; Andrew & Jean M; Paul; Andrew B.

Apologies:           David M; David B; Elaine; Hilary; Iain; Maureen; Pete; Reggie; Trevor

Guests:                Carrie Wood from SNAAP– today’s speaker.  Paul Morris, a guest of David K.

Grace                    Given by Paul.

Almoner:             In Jackie’s absence, Pat passed on that Jean S has started her radio therapy.  Friends have rallied round with support, transport etc.

Robert had been in touch with Reggie who has not been well and is having some investigations.

Correspondence:  Dave C confirmed that he has had emails about Youth Opportunities, which he has passed on to Margaret.

Speaker:              Carrie Wood from SNAAP (one of the President’s charities for this year).  Carrie spoke about how difficult the past year has been, due to the pandemic.  Staff were mostly having to work from home, which had an impact of the support offered to families just at a time when demand went up from 15 to 60 referrals a week.  Presenting problems have included: managing children at home during lockdown; the effect on children’s’ mental health; breadwinners on furlough or made redundant.  Staff have helped by finding emergency funding and providing food parcels.  Local stores, including Morrisons and Aldi have been helpful.

                                Although some support groups have met online, Carrie said that perhaps the most valuable resource has been able to meet outside using a beach hut at Whitstable.  Carrie’s team started a dinner club for teens during the winter, which helped young persons to relate to other people.  An online club featuring the adventures of a naughty dinosaur called Walter has been popular with younger children.

                                A forthcoming event in planning will be a Winter Wonderland at Wind Chimes in Herne Bay.  Club members expressed a wish to support this.  Carrie will tell us when it is due to happen.

Upcoming Events:  Lesley reminded members that we have speakers at our next evening meeting in September. Forensics experts will talk about ‘How to Solve a Murder’.   Dave to put a sheet in the folder next week so that we can gage numbers. Everyone asked to support this event and bring guests.

                                Pat reminded members about a social evening at Mucini’s on 19thAugust.  The menu will be in the events folder next time.

                                Lesley confirmed that next week’s breakfast meeting (12th August @ 07.15am) will be at The Plough when Anna Mantell will speak about Foodfriends. After that all breakfast meetings will be at the Golf Club once more.

Any Other Business:  Lesley passed on a request for anyone who has an unwanted rucksacks that could be used by a homeless person to keep their possessions in.  Bring them along next time.

                                Lesley said she has met our Global Scholar Lauren at a district meeting online.  She passed on greetings from the club, and a wish to offer her support.

Hilary has done a report in her role as Resilience Chair and this will go out with the notes of the meeting.

Andrew reminded of the car parking at Strode Park on 29thAugust where volunteers are needed. Lesley requested a sheet go into the folder next week.

The District Grant form water pumps in Bhutan will be submitted in September

Godfrey reminded all about car parking at the school and asked of further volunteers would come forward. August will be a challenging month during weekdays when the school is also hosting sports clubs. Godfrey to circulate some guidance regarding this.

Lesley thanked all who had volunteered at the Whit & Tank hospital recently – Marian passed on the thanks from the Matron and staff.

Nick – another team had come forward for the golf day. Godfrey had been given a cheque for £240 in lieu of a team entry. 

Greetings from Other Clubs:  Forest of Blean

Raffle:   Won by David K               

Master-at-Arms:  Nick did his usual

Date of Next Meeting:

Breakfast Meeting 12th August from 07.15am @ The Plough

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