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Thu, Oct 7th 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Thursday, October 7th – Fred Ross, Hill 112 Memorial Foundation

In the summer of 1944 7,000 men died in a brutal battle for Hill 112 in Normandy when British forces held and wore down some of the best troops in the Nazi war machine to prevent a potentially disastrous German counter-offensive.    The Hill 112 Memorial Foundation has been set up to honour and raise awareness of the sacrifices made by so many.



Breakfast Meeting 07.30am Thursday 7th October 2021 @ the Golf Club


Present:  David M, Margaret, Pat, Andrew & Jean M, Sue, Marian, Eileen, Lesley, Godfrey, Nick, Andrew B, Robert, David K, Dave C, Hilary.  Kathy on Zoom.


Apologies:  David B, Iain, Maureen, Myfanwy, Pete, Pippa & Spyros, Reggie, Trevor.


Guests:  Peter Wadnough from Canterbury Sunrise.  Our speaker for today, Fred Ross from the Hill 112 Foundation.




Almoner:  Jackie not here today.  Lesley will deliver a card from the club to Paul whose mother passed away recently.


Speaker:  Fred spoke about the Foundation which commemorates the servicemen who lost their lives defending Hill 112 in a crucial battle during WW2.  The presentation included a video interview with Albert Figg RA who fought as an artillery man during the battle.  There is a memorial near the site (which Lesley has visited).  Fred told us that a documentary film has been made about the battle which will be premiered at the Kent College early next year.


Business Items:  Lesley confirmed that next week the a golf club has a competition on Thursday and cannot accommodate us.  Everyone note: next Thursday 14th will be at the Plough.  Also, The venue for the Board meeting will be at Andrew’s house.

    Kathy said that Inter Act at her school have raised £200 from a cake sale.  She has 15 students wanting to join.


Greetings from Other Clubs:  Peter brought greetings from Canterbury Sunrise.


 Raffle:  Was won by Andrew B, and David M.


Master-at-Arms:  Nick did the rounds.


Final Toast:  Was given by Pat.

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