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Thu, Nov 18th 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting 07.30am 18th November 2021 @the Golf Club


Present:               Sue, Godfrey, Lesley, Pat, Andrew B, Spyros & Pippa, David M, David K, Robert, Margaret, Jean & Andrew M, Dave C.  Kathryn & Pete joined later on Zoom.


Apologies:           Marian, Myfanwy, Iain, Elaine, Hilary, Jackie, Reggie, Maureen, Trevor, David B, Kathryn, Pete.


Guest(s):             Chris




Almoner:             Nothing to report.


Correspondence:  We have been advised of a zoom meeting about how to increase our membership, to take place on 29th November.  Dave C has previously forwarded it to Lesley and Pete, but will now send it to all.

We have also been invited to attend a speaker evening organised by South Forland Rotary – details also to be circulated by Dave to all.


Agenda Items:  


Post Christmas breakfast: Robert will look into Farm & Harper in the High Street as a venue for our traditional post-Xmas breakfast meeting.  This will be on Thursday 30thDecember.  There is a sheet in the events folder.

Meals at Golf Club: Robert and Lesley had met with hospitality manager and members noted an improvement with breakfast.

Lesley felt that the evening meeting last week went very well and was well attended.  However, some members said that those on the far table couldn’t see the slides properly.  Also, some members complained that that they couldn’t hear the speaker.  Dave C volunteered that he has amps and head set microphones which the club could use.  Lesley suggested we use a different venue for evenings meetings when we have a speaker?  Godfrey said he has spoken to Crescent Turner, who say they could accommodate us.

Our global scholar, Loren Schmidt and her boyfriend will attend our Christmas dinner.  The club will pay for their meals.  Andrew B will put them up for the night.


Splat the Rat: The club has decided to apply for a fund raising stall at the Tankerton Christmas market on 12th December.  We will use the ‘Splat the Rat’ game.  There is a poster and attendance sheet in the events folder.  Please put your names down if you are able to help.  Dave C will borrow back a gazebo from NCI.  Dave added that his experience with fund raising for the NCI at the Titanic exhibition was that children love to be given lapel stickers (and then the parents put money in the tin).  NCI had stickers made by a print company in Herne Bay, would we think of designing stickers for a similar use? Godfrey to oversea arrangements.

Quiz night: Nick thanked all those who had contributed to the success of the Quiz night last Saturday, including: Godfrey for setting up; Andrew and Pat B for scoring; Pat for the raffle; and all the club members who attended with their guests.  Two of Lesley’s guests have said they would like to come to a meeting.  It was noted that Owain’s two tables were very generous with their money.  David M hasn’t finished reckoning up the account but thinks we will have made £1100, plus the cash put into the envelopes for Lesley’s virtual swim.


International:    Andrew B made a proposal to the meeting that the club should donate £250 to Mercy Ships.  This was seconded by Lesley.  Members present voted and the proposal was passed. 


District grants: Our 3 applications to district for grants have been approved.  These were for: Food Friends; Bhutan; Rising Sun.  We can go ahead and let them know. Lesley to attend Rising Sun AGM today.


Christmas Food Collection:  This will be on 5th December.  At least 10 elves will be needed as collectors.  There is a sheet in the events folder, please put your name down if you can help.  Pete will be Santa; he does have the Santa suit.  There is a new trailer for the float.  We need to make sure this year that we don’t take the trailer down a close unless we are sure it can be turned round and got out again.  Roberts has brought the cards to be distributed beforehand.


Photo game:       Pat said she has only had 8 baby photographs submitted for the competition.  Can all members try to send theirs to her, please.

Barn Dance: Sue said that she has contacted the Roystercatchers who are looking forward to playing at our Barn Dance next Summer. 


Greetings for other Clubs:  None this week.


Raffle:                                   This was won by David M


Master-at-Arms:              According to Nick, today is Beaujolais Nouveau day.  It’s also Apple Cider day, plus the anniversary of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon.


Next Meeting:


07.30am Thursday 25th November, Special General Meeting @ the Golf Club

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