Special General Meeting - Live

Thu, Nov 25th 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our annual Special General meeting

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Special General Meeting & Business Meeting  07.30am Thursday 25th November 2021

Present:               Godfrey; Pippa; Spyros; David K; David M; Sue; Lesley; Pat; Nick; Margaret; Paul; Andrew B; Andrew & Jean M; Robert; Dave C.  Pete & Kathryn joined later on zoom.

Apologies:           Marian; Elaine; Hilary; Iain; Jackie; Kathryn; Maureen; Myfanwy; Pete; Reggie; Trevor; David B.

Grace:                   Was said by Paul.


Special General Meeting:  The names of officers and board members for 2022/3 had been previously circulated.  Additionally, Godfrey has volunteered to fill the Fundraising vacancy.  Lesley proposed accepting the list, and Nick seconded this.  The club then voted to accept the names.  The list was:

President for 2022/23*:  Godfrey Brown

Past President for 2022/23*:  Lesley Robertson

Vice-President Elect for 2022/23*:  Pat Mcfarlane

Treasurer*:  David Mann

Secretary*:  Dave Coupland

Community & Vocational*:  Kathryn Wilson

Social Secretary*:  Pat McFarlane & Nick Robinson

Foundation*:  Lesley Robertson

Fund Raising*:  Godfrey Brown

International*:  Andrew Brealey

Youth Opportunities*:  Margaret Cox

PR & Communications*:  Robert Sissons

Club Protection and Health & Safety Officer*:  Paul Hooke-Overy

Membership Committee Chair:  Pete Thomson

Master-at-Arms:  Nick Robinson

Environmental & Sustainability:  Robert Sissons

Meals Steward:  Robert Sissons

Speaker Organiser:  David Kingham

Car Parking:  Paul Hooke-Overy

                                Regarding the club finances, David M has previously circulated his report.  Lesley proposed accepting this, Andrew B seconded.  The club voted to accept.

Business Meeting:  Lesley invited the chairs of committees to report back.  Andrew B said that further to his remarks last week about the success of our applications for district grants, Sue has confirmed payment details for Bhutan, so we will go ahead with sending the money.  Andrew has previously reported on Walk4Water.  Loren and her boyfriend have confirmed that they will attend the Christmas dinner.

                                Sue, David K, Paul, Pat & Margaret had nothing new to report.  Robert said that we need members to contribute more items on Facebook.  David M said the club finances are OK at the moment.  He will be sending an email with updated balances for members’ meals accounts.  He confirmed that the £250 has been sent to Mercy Ships.  David has calendars from the historical society for sale.

                                Re: Community, Lesley said she went to the AGM of Rising Sun.  Two case studies in particular caught her interest, about helping boys who have grown up in abusive households, and the problem of ‘secret homelessness’ (women who have to sleep away from home because of safety issues).

                                Re: Membership, Pete said he would try to attend the district zoom meeting on 29thNovember, work permitting.

Christmas Collection:  Volunteers should meet at 16.15pm at the same place as last year, ie Primrose Way.  Agreed that the food we collect will go straight to the Food Bank, and clothes to the Umbrella Centre.  If members want hand sanitisers they should bring their own. 

Tankerton Christmas Fair:  As indicated last week, this will be on 12th December.  More volunteers are needed, especially for setting up; please put your names on the sheet in the events folder.  However, we haven’t had confirmation yet of our place from the organisers.  We can give out toy kites and bubbles to the children.

SNAAP:                The Winter Wonderland on 18th December is going ahead, so far as we know.  For those who haven’t been before, it’s at the Wind Chimes building  in Reynolds Close, Herne Bay.  Nick said there is usually a lot there.

Post-Christmas Breakfast:  Robert has contacted the restaurant and made a booking from 09.00am on the 30th December, for 10 persons – ‘though we can get away with more.  Robert confirmed that this will count as a breakfast meeting – so if you aren’t coming, please let him know in advance.  Robert confirmed that he has decided to ditch the online booking system for breakfasts.

AoB:                      Godfrey confirmed that car parking last week end did well.  He proposed a vote of thanks to Marian for cheering up members with her flap jacks.  Margaret said that Café 39 from round the corner brought us hot drinks, which was very welcome.  Some visitors reported that we were more friendly than other groups when they do the parking.

                                Andrew M reminded committee chairs that they are supposed to hold meeting with their committees, so that their views at meetings reflect the views of the committees.  Committees should meet maybe two or three times a year.

                                David K said that Sue from Bhutan (previously Sue Hills) is now Sue Ward.

                                Can the Social Committee think about arranging another evening of ten pin bowling, plus a meal afterwards, please?

                                Lesley asked if members could think before they speak and refrain from banter which might hurt another person’s feelings.  There may be a talk about diversity, equality and inclusiveness in the new year.

Greetings from Other Clubs:  A member from Sandwich said hello to members at the car parking.  Also, greetings from Canterbury Sunrise.

Raffle:                   Was won by David M.

Master-at-Arms:              According to Nick, today is Shopping Reminder Day.  Yesterday was Sardines Day.  Today is also the 30th anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury.

Next Meeting:                   Sue (above) and Emma from Bhutan will be joining us.

07.30am Thursday 2nd December @ the golf club

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