General Meeting - Live

Thu, Jan 6th 2022 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting 07.30am Thursday 6th January 2022 @ the Golf Club

Present:               Dave C, David M, Sue, Nick, Pippa, Spyros, Lesley, Godfrey, Kathryn.  (Iain & Marian joined at 08.00 on Zoom).

Apologies:           Andrew & Jean M, Elaine, David B, Trevor, Hilary, Iain, Jackie, Maureen, Myfannwy, Marian, Pat, Pete, Reggie, Robert,  Margaret, Paul, Andrew B, Chris.

Grace:                   Was said by Nick


Lesley:                  Lesley spoke about the evening meeting planned for 24th February, when the pathologists are due to talk to us about how to solve a murder.  We anticipate a large attendance of both members and guests at this event.  So, will the golf club be a big enough venue, or should we book the Crescent Turner?  Also, we should invite the Herne Bay and Whitstable branches to join us.  What we need is an early indication of how many of our members plan to attend, and how many guests they will bring.  Action all:  Please let Dave C / Robert know ASAP if you plan to attend, and if so, how many guests you will bring.

                                Regarding the future of breakfast meetings, we are once again low in numbers, for quite understandable reasons, but the caterers have said that they can’t do a weekly breakfast for less than 15 covers.  There was a discussion about whether we should meet fortnightly for breakfast.  Lesley said she has looked back at meetings at the end of the year and there were only a couple of occasions when we were les than 15 in attendance.  Decision that we will leave things as they are for now, but in addition we will guarantee the caterers that we will make the payment up to the equivalent of 15 covers even if less attend. 

Andrew:              Andrew said that as many helpers as possible will be needed for Walk4Water on 25thMarch.  Therefore, there will be a three-line whip, ie all members will be assumed to be attending unless they advise Andrew and David M differently.  Sue said that she will be doing the first of this year’s presentations at the Joy Lane school on 25th January.

                                Andrew has the shop with him for any members who want to buy a tabard, badge, cap etc.

Nick:                      Regarding the Christmas run, since we borrow the sleigh from someone else, can we have a banner made before next Christmas showing that it is our club doing the run?  David M invited Nick to suggest a design.

David M:              31 tickets have been sold so far for the Spring Quiz Night on 2ndApril.  The quiz will be advertised shortly in the Parish magazine.

Car Parking:        Godfrey said he has told the school we will be willing to take on more dates if there are any cancellations, providing we have sufficient notice.  Godfrey proposed a vote of thanks to Marian for her ever-popular flapjacks.

Greetings:           Kathy brought greetings from the Forest of Blean.  She attended their Christmas meal; very jolly, with a quiz, a sing-along, and virtual fireworks on a screen.

Any Other Business:  Next Thursday’s breakfast meeting will include a Life Talk from Lesley.

                                Reminder to committee members that the Board meeting will be at 18.30pm on Tuesday 11that Andrew’s house.

Master-at-Arms:  Nick said that today is ‘Little Christmas’ in Eire.  Also it’s the anniversary of the coronation of Canute in 1017.  This month is Brainteaser month.

Final Toast:         Was given by Lesley.

Next Meeting:

07.30am Thursday 13th January @ the golf club

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