General Meeting - Live - Speaker

Thu, Jan 13th 2022 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting 07.30am Thursday 13th January 2022 @ the golf club

Present:               David K, Pat, Maureen, Paul, Nick, Spyros, Andrew & Jean M, Dave C, Sue, David M, Lesley, Robert, Andrew B.   (Kathy, Marian & Godfrey joined on zoom).

Guests:                Chris (Prospective Member)

Apologies:           Elaine, Godfrey, Hilary, Iain, Jackie, Kathryn, Myfanwy, Marian, Pete, Pippa, Reggie, Trevor, David B

Grace:                   By Paul


Lesley’s Life Talk:  Lesley was born in Coventry, the eldest of four girls.  Her father was a policeman and her mother a nurse.  Lesley didn’t enjoy school and left at 16 to work as an assistant dental nurse until she could start nursing training at 18.  While still training, she met Neil, and when they were qualified they married.  They have moved several times, from Balham to Margate, then to Chesterfield and later to Nottinghamshire where they lived for 25 years. 

                Lesley and Neil have two sons, one of whom lives in California, the other in East Sussex. They have 5 grandsons.

                Neil had always wanted to be a sheep farmer, so they moved to New Zealand.  This was meant to be temporary, but they stayed nine years.  They bought an old farmhouse with five acres, and raised cattle, sheep and chickens.  The farmhouse was near the local agricultural showground, and Lesley became involved with the show by joining the organising committee as trophy secretary.  After nine years, not wanting to be long distance grandparents, Neil and Lesley moved back to UK.

                Professionally, Lesley was a nurse until she was 30, then trained to become a nurse teacher.  She didn’t enjoy this so she became a nursing home inspector, and eventually the manager of a team of inspectors.

                Lesley and Neil have always enjoyed active holidays, walking, cycling and swimming.  She was a magistrate for 10 years.  Nowadays, Lesley describes herself as a lady who lunches.

Other Business:                Andrew B spoke about the pre-Xmas disaster in the Philippines.  The Board has approved buying another Shelter Box.  This was now proposed to the club.  Paul seconded the proposal, which was then voted on and passed.

                                Jean informed everyone of her impending surgery and isolation requirements for both herself and Andrew. She is unsure how long they will be absent from Rotary. Everyone wished her well and Spyros offered to be the link between them and the Club. They will keep us informed of developments.

                                David K has suggested the club should think of how we are going to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee.  This will be over the weekend of the 3rd, 4th & 5th June.  Members are invited to come up with suggestions. 

                                Kathy explained that district have invited another round of bids for district grants.  These must be for a distinct project, not just an open-ended donation to a charity.  Also, they can’t be a repeat of something that we have already applied for.  So, thinking caps on, everyone.

Raffle:                   Was won by Maureen and Dave C

Master-at-Arms:  Nick said today is International Sceptics Day

Next Meeting:                  

Breakfast Meeting @ 07.30 Thursday 20th January @ the golf club.

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