General Meeting - Live

Thu, Jan 20th 2022 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting 07.30am 20th January 2022 @ the Golf Club

Present:               David K, Pippa, Spyros, Margaret, Maureen, Robert, Paul, Pete, Dave C, Lesley, David M, Pat, Sue, Elaine.  Kathy, Jean & Andrew M, Marian – on Zoom.

Guests:                Chris

Apologies:           Andrew B, Godfrey, Hilary, Iain, Jackie, Myfanwy, Nick, Reggie, Trevor, David B

Grace:                   By Paul


Almoner:             In Jackie’s absence, Lesley reported that Andrew B had been taken ill earlier in the week and was admitted to hospital overnight.  He is back home now.  Jean M has had her pre-op, and things are going well.  She is due in hospital on February 1st.

                                Pat reported that Jean S is doing well at present.  She has been going out for a walk most days

                                On behalf of the club, Lesley wished all of the above well.

Chris’ Life Talk:  Chris was born and brought up in Kent.  He attended an educational establishment in Borstal.  He has been a brewer for 37 years, and has worked at breweries in various parts of the country, including Suffolk and the Lake District.  He has appeared in two brewing-related TV documentaries.  One was with the business guru John Harvey-Jones, and the other was about the origins of brewing in ancient Mesopotamia with Adam Hart-Davies.  Chris met his wife Sylvia at a sailing club.  They have a grown-up son and daughter.

                                Chris’ main hobby is sailing; he has a 37-foot yacht.  He also makes scale model replica cars.  He is a volunteer driver for Red Zebra.

Calendar of Events:  Lesley advised that March 24th was due to be an evening social meeting, but it was felt that this might interfere with the Walk4Water the following day.  So, March 24th will now be a Breakfast meeting.  Everyone please note.

                                February 24th is an evening speaker meeting.  This is proving popular, and if numbers go over 30 persons then we may need to move the event to the Crescent Turner.  To be advised later.  Dave C was asked to bring his microphone and voice amplifier, so everyone can hear.

                                Information about the Quiz Night at Forest of Blean has already been circulated.

                                Pat confirmed that Ten-Pin Bowling has been booked for Friday 4th March from 18.00pm onwards.  There will be a meal afterwards at The Royal, on Tankerton sea front.  People need to make their menu choices in advance, so David will circulate the menu.  Dave C will also put a sheet in the folder.

                                Regarding the evening speaker meeting on 28th April, David K says he has approached two possible:  Mark Jones, a railway enthusiast, and Jane Priston a relative of the flyer Amy Johnson.  Amy, of course, has a local connection, so there was a lot of interest among members.  Sue recommends the latter.

District Grant:    Information has already been circulated about a third round of district grants being available, and members have been invited to suggest suitable projects.  Pat has a suggestion regarding the Tankerton Ladies football team.  They need some moveable goal posts; Pat will look into this.

Raffle:                   Was won by Sue.

Master-at-Arms:  According to Lesley it is National Penguin Day, and also National Cheese Day.

Final Toast:         Was given by Lesley.

Next Meeting:

Business Meeting: 07.30am Thursday 27th January @ the Golf Club

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