Club Team

Club Team


The Club Team deals with matters of Club Organisation and interests. We will continue to oversee a wide range of responsibilities including the major club events (Handover, Charter and St. David`s Day Breakfast), the speaker programme, Club communications and promotion. We will continue to lead the Club`s drive to attract new members and to support Brexflex.


Whilst working together as a team individual members have taken responsibility for the website, newsletter and publicity, co-ordinating speakers, liaising with the Golf Club, club programme, events organising and membership. Compliance also comes within our remit with members covering Health and Safety; Safe Guarding; Data Protection; Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity; and should it be needed the new Dispute Management. We will also ensure that Risk Assessments are completed for Club events.


The Presidents Elect felt that, at the suggestion of a majority of members, the time was right to return to more frequent meetings. The new pattern will be fortnightly face to face breakfast meetings (speakers, Club/Rotary Business, Teams and Fellowship) plus evening meetings when there are five Wednesdays in a month, On the alternate weeks there will be a provision for possible Zoom meetings if required. The frequency and format of winter meetings will be reviewed November. Breakfast meetings will take place at 7.45 for 8am start except when Interactors attend when meetings will be timed 7.15 am for 7.30 am start. We will also consider hybrid meetings and how to improve them.

This will be reviewed every three months when the Club calendar is updated

Face to face breakfast meetings must be booked 48 hours in advance with menu choice (no refunds for non attendance on the morning) and paid at the bar by banker`s card at end of meeting. The new caterers will only accept contactless payments.


The ability to attract and retain members is essential for our Club to survive. As a Team we know how important a healthy club is and we are there to support both new and very importantly present members. The Brexflex satellite group has been working tirelessly and is a very important branch of Cardiff Breakfast and we will support and welcome them to any of our meetings.

In conclusion we might be a separate “Team” but we will continue to back Home and Away and Youth Teams when needed.

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