Youth Team

Youth Team


The Youth Team will aim to re-establish full relationships/contact with schools and young people now most Covid 19 restrictions have been removed. As many youth activities as possible will be maintained throughout the year, taking account of possible future restrictions if and when they occur; the pressure on schools/staff, and the need to safeguard the health of our team members. Discussions will take place with schools after the June 2022 summer half term to confirm the programme/dates.

Proposed Activities

The Youth team will endeavour to involve as many young people and club members as possible in Youth activities.

We await confirmation of the 22/23 competitions timetable from RIBI/District although it is unlikely to be available before we go to press. However, some dates have been ‘forecast’ based on previous years. Running competitions will be subject to schools giving their permission

Young Chef

Club round at Whitchurch High School. To be completed by December 10th, 2022. Date tbc.

Youth Speaks

Rotary GB&I/District previously set a timetable requiring club rounds to be completed by December 10th, 2022. We need to establish whether schools can accommodate this earlier timetable, which previously had proved difficult for them. Dates tbc.

Young Musician Club/Area 5 Round

This round of the competition will be organised by Heather Guy (RCCB) and will be held in the WHS Dutch Barn Concert Hall. Date; Monday 23rd January 2023 tbc.

Young Interviewer - District

If competition is run by District, RCCB will support it by seeking one competitor from each of our schools (WHS, Howells, Cathedral) to take part. Date tbc. by District.

RYLA –Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Club to recruit and financially support three candidates, one each from Howell’s, Whitchurch High, and Cathedral Schools, where we have Interact groups. We will encourage schools to put forward candidates who have experienced financial or personal difficulties and/or would benefit from development of their confidence and self-esteem. We will apply for any grants available to subsidise fees. Dates July-August 2023 tbc.


The Team will look to re-establish the Whitchurch club and continue to support and promote Howell’s, Whitchurch, and Cathedral Interact Clubs by personal visits where possible. Zoom meetings with the Presidents/Interact Committees will be arranged if personal visits are not possible for any reason.

Interactors and staff have expressed a wish for face-to-face meetings whenever possible.

The following dates are scheduled for Interact Breakfasts:

Wednesday 5th October 2022 – President’s plans/Charities for the new year/RYLA report back

Wednesday 7th December 2022 – Christmas with Interactors & Rotakids/Chocolate Quiz

Wednesday 29th March 2023 – Paul Spencer Awards/ Introduction of new Presidents (Cathedral school elect new Presidents in early September)

Awarded annually, the Paul Spencer Memorial Award is given to the Individual who has contributed most that year to the success of each Interact Club at Howell’s/Whitchurch/Cathedral. Winners are chosen by each school’s Interact Committee.


Re-establish and continue to support Whitchurch Primary Rotakids group.

Three Rotakids projects to be undertaken during the year Charity/Community/International. This year the international project will be aimed at linking with the Bumatofu Primary school in Umbale through the Solar power/Laptop project being installed by PONT, which RCCB will support possibly via a District Grant

Rotakids Presidents/staff to attend Christmas breakfast.


The Youth Team will organise (with club assistance) two events aimed at raising a sum for RCCB equal to at least the budgeted spend on Youth Activities in 2022-2023.

RCCB/Cardiff County & Vale Youth Orchestra Concert

Agreed with the orchestra that a jointly organised RCCB/CC&VY orchestra concert will be held in the Whitchurch High school Dutch Barn Concert Hall (subject to WHS approval) ahead of Easter 2023. Confirmed date Friday 31st March 2023.

Event profit to be apportioned 2/3 Orchestra Charity, 1/3 RCCB Charities

Curry Evening

This well liked/supported event to be held at a suitable Curry restaurant venue. Date Mid October 2023. Date & details tbc.

The Youth Team will meet regularly to review the developing situation & recommend any necessary changes/additions to activities.

RC 20/04/22

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