Seeds of Social Action

A Rotaract and Rotary GB&I Collaboration in District 1010

Project proposal and execution

To empower and develop young people by helping them with funding and mentoring support enabling them to make a sustainable difference in their communities.

This project is part of a UK wide initiative run by Rotary in conjunction with the Rotaract eClub of Great Britain and Ireland. The guidelines apply to all clubs taking part from District 1010 (Scotland North). During 2021-2022 this is a pilot project and will be evaluated in due course.

Awards are available to young people in Dunfermline and West Fife aged from 11 years to 25 years. The awards are open to groups of young people in the 11-17 year old category and either groups or individuals in the 18-25 year old category.

- What is being offered by the club?

How to Apply

Mentoring and Accountability

We are grateful to Jannine Birtwistle of the Rotary Club of Guernsey and Shwetal Shah of the Rotaract eClub of Great Britain and Ireland on whose work this guidance is based.  
August 2021

Seeds of Social Action sub-pages:

What is being offered by the club?

more Outreach, Encouragement, Help, Financial Support and Mentoring

How to Apply

more The project should be linked in some way to one of the Rotary International Areas of Focus

Mentoring and Accountability

more Safeguarding and Reporting

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more Impact assessments will be an integral part of the Seeds of Social Action Initiative