With Jess Roper, twice English Kick Boxing Champion and Public Speaker

Tue, Oct 4th 2022 at 7:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Jess spoke to us about empowering Children and High Performing professionals to achieve their potential by increasing ambition, resilience and Confidence

Jess Roper

Jess's message - Dream BIG, start small, NEVER GIVE UP.

She is a renowned motivational speaker and will be speaking to us over Zoom. If you would like to hear her, whether or not you are a member, please message Bill Christie as undernoted and we will ensure you are sent the appropriate joining instructions.

She says - 

"I am Jess Roper - Who am I?

"Well, that's a deep question, but I'll begin by explaining a few aspects of my life, some struggles, and successes, through my almost 30 years on this planet.

"I'm a 2x English Kickboxing Champion and 2nd degree blackbelt. I began kickboxing at 19, when I was weak, mentally and physically. It transformed my life, it helped me become strong, and taught me a few lessons along the way.

Lessons I now share in schools across the country (over 30) with the message of:

Dream BIG
Start small

I learned to fight long before I stepped in the ring. I grew up with both of my parents addicted to drugs, becoming alcoholics... They were struggling themselves, but I know they loved me, even if it didn't always feel like it, at the time! Addicts are not bad people, they are people who need help, and healing.

I went to a good school and I had good friends... but the fear of judgement became too much and I shut myself away from the world. I was worried they would find out I was not like them... my parents were not like theirs... Although 'capable', I became incapable. The expectations placed upon me of academic success were shattered.

I had no qualifications and extremely low self-esteem.
So I threw myself into working hard, I knew I needed money and to be able to support myself, I did not want to be vulnerable!

This created a work ethic that lead to my eventual kickboxing success, after a lot of losses first! Becoming a champion boosted my confidence to go self employed... then a global pandemic hit!!

I lost everything. The gym/fighting, the part time pub work... I spent my savings and my health spiralled downwards... I found hypnotherapy. Healing. And over the last couple of years, I'm beginning to learn who I am.

Beyond the belts. Beyond NEEDING to fight... Beyond needing to prove my worth. 
Now, I focus on raising future champions. Increasing confidence and self-esteem. Nurturing ambition, raising resilience.

My big dream is to speak on stages, globally.

And now, I'd like you to think...


What's your big dream, and what do you need to change, to make it become your reality?

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