Chris Windley talking about LuJam Cyber

Sun, Nov 20th 2022 at 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm

Chris told us all about LuJam Cyber

Chris Windley (WE0 Retd)

Half English, Half Welsh, with a Scottish Wife, Chris resides in Lichfield, Staffs.

He had a career, twice, in the Royal Navy, once on the lower deck and once as a commissioned officer (WEO) Retd. Chris is a Cyber Security Evangelist and Chairman of The Cyber Security Association.

1.    Lujam Cyber

Chris’s principal role at present is The Global Sales and Marketing Director of LuJam Cyber Security.

Cyber Security is not just about “protecting” the LARGE Corporate Companies and Institutions but SME’s and indeed, especially since the Pandemic, working in our own HOMES.

He has numerous other business and voluntary activities.

An Entrepreneur and High-Tech Biz Angel Investor and author.

Round the world Yachtsman (GB2) Cape Horner & Fastnet Record Holder and winner. Condor of Bermuda.

Member of The Leadership Team : UK & US Uniformed Chamber of Commerce.

They support many VETS related organisations and help “Military” people into Cyber jobs.

The Chamber is a haven for all persons that have served in military, police, fire and/NHS and working with Charities, Trusts, CICs and Government,  transition from Service to Civilian life.

He is passionate about Cyber Security and the Intelligence Brands.

2.The Cyber Security Association

Chris educates, informs and evangelises Cyber Security and the Cyber Essentials scheme including Continuous Monitoring and Vulnerability Scanning to the CE standard. ( Developed in the GCHQ NCSC Cyber Accelerator )

The Cyber Security Association (CSA) is a fast growing, national and global membership organisation responsible for providing centralised contact for resources within the cyber security industry across the UK and globally. He is the Chairman and CEO and has an amazing team of Marketing, Lead Generation and Business Development people supporting him. The CSA is one of the Cyber Security Valley Global Initiatives. CSA’s objectives are:

● To create and grow the Cyber Security Association by developing a global cyber security infrastructure in all countries

● To form key partnerships and stakeholder contract / agreements with all manner of cyber security government departments, professionals and companies

● The enablement of country-wide networks to support global efforts on cybersecurity, data/information security and cloud computing

● Promotion of skills and creation of jobs in cyber security globally

● Increase business opportunities in cyber security to all our members, directly or via collaborations

● Global, National, regional and international input into policy development wherever possible. They are looking for partnerships and collaborations with companies /organisations in cyber security, data security, IT and cloud computing.

Be Safe, Be Sure....Be secure!

Chris Windley Royal Navy ( WEO ) Retd. 

Global Sales and Marketing Director

Enterprise Level Security, Simple to Use, Price of a Mobile Phone Contract.

" An affordable DarkTrace " - LuJam Cyber Partner


Google and Linkedin Top Digital Sales Expert.

LuJam Cyber  |

+44 (0)7881 500002 | +44 (0)7881 500002

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