Business Meeting

Tue, Oct 3rd 2023 at 7:15 pm - 9:15 pm

Regular business meeting plus talk from Tim Pilbeam

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Busines Meeting 4th October 2023

Our latest business meeting was full of variety.

Amidst the usual activity reports there were a couple of awards. John Meadows for his 25years of service to Rotary, and the club received a certificate from Bexhill Food Bank for their continued service in collecting donations from the generous people of the town.

Tim Pilbean gave us a very interesting talk about his life as a fourth generation farmer in Hooe and the challenges and opportunities that all farming families face in surviving. Each new decade brings different priorities and problems, his farming activities include livestock, arable, solar and biodiversity projects.

Tim also has a very busy life outside of farming running his Land Rover/Jaguar service business in East Peckham and his life as a journalist covering adventure sports. 

Despite the loss of his wife Heather to cancer in December 2022 Tim continues to live life at a pace. 

President James thanked Tim for his talk and wished him every success for his future ventures.

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