At the Spur in Slindon

Club Social Skittles Evening, 29 November 2023

Traditionally, whenever there’s a fifth Wednesday in the month, the club’s regular weekly breakfast meeting is replaced with a social evening.  In November, a skittles evening with buffet meal was organised for interested club members.  The venue was The Spur public house in Slindon, and 20 club members/partners duly turned up to do battle in the bowling alley.

First was a team competition between two teams of 10 bowlers appropriately called “Whisky” and “Gin”.  Teams bowled alternately, and there were three rounds with the scores totalled at the end. After a hard-fought battle in which the teams were neck and neck right up to practically the final bowler, the “Whisky” team ended up the victors by a single point (199 vs 198 points). The evening’s highest-scoring bowler was Bob Rendall, with a high score of 14 in two of the three rounds.

The pub had laid on a delicious hot/cold buffet comprising sandwiches, hot snacks (including some very tasty chicken drumsticks that proved especially popular!) and chips.  Despite everyone’s best efforts (which for some folk, who shall remain nameless, involved a second – and even third?! – visit to the buffet to refill their plates) there was food left over.

After supper we played a round of “Killer” in which bowlers competed individually and had “three lives”.  Everyone bowled in turn, trying to hit whatever skittles were left after the preceding bowler’s turn.  The nine skittles were only set up again when the last one had been knocked down. If a bowler failed to hit any skittles with their single ball, they lost a life. The winner is the last person left “alive”, and on this occasion it was decided that Elaine Hind and Sue Abbot were worthy joint winners.

Everyone agreed it was a fun evening, and a great opportunity to socialise with fellow Rotarians.

Janie Foote (a member of the losing “Gin” team)

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