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The lifeblood of any strong organisation lies in its ability to recruit new members. New members bring about new ideas and change for the better. Clubs not recruiting new members get stagnant and unchanged and tend to gradually fade away. Finding and recruiting new members is every Rotarian's responsibility, to ensure their Club grows with the times and the organisation maintains it good work in the community and overseas.

It is important that every prospective member is warmly welcomed to club meetings. Each member should play their part in helping to involve and integrate new members in club activities.

Membership Development

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Welcome to 2023/24

A new year and a new team
Membership Team Lead - Jim Currie

For enquiries during this transition period regarding Rotary Membership 
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Rotary Membership pages:

D1100 Membership Development

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History File

more If you wish to view past information which is now out of date, please select appropriate pages(s) (2 pages below this)

Co-founder Mike Welsh welcomes everyone to the inaugural meeting of the Satellite Club

New Rotary Satellite Club - Thursday Welcome Breakfast

more The latest new Satellite Club in D1100 was inaugurated on 5th March 2020. Read all about it!

Innovation and Change

more New Happenings

District and Area Membership Plans

more You work so hard to get new members. Look after them to keep them.

Satelite District Area Plan

more Satelite District Area Plan