District Community


We are here to assist clubs with community service by connecting them to local organizations, district committees, and other Rotary groups focused on service. 

Motivate clubs to provide community service and highlight successful projects.

  • Intermediary between RIBI/RI initiatives and Clubs
  • Club/DG/AG support – as requested
      Also have ideas, be proactive with opportunities
  • There are a lot of ideas flowing out from the RIBI Humanities team
    –   All are useful and worthy
    –   But it is up to clubs to pick them up
Please refer to the District Ambassadors listed below:
 Contact   District Ambassador 
  Bob Handley     RAGAS

  Kids Out
  Derek Aston   Shoebox Scheme
 Linda Clarke   RGBI/CarersUK Partnership   

Below are pages about some current activities of Clubs in District

Modern Slavery

Please select the document you wish to read below:

  Date   Information 
OCT20    Anti-Modern Slavery Resources  
   09OCT20     District Community Newsletter  

For further information regarding documents above, please contact Bob Handley via email at community@rotary1100.org


For further information regarding the RGB&I CarersUK Partnership, please contact Linda Clarke via email at linda@lindaclarke.co.uk or telephone 07708 961 073       

District Community pages:

District 1100 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Rotary Crowdfunding

more Trying to raise funds for a project ... Want to access a new far wider, even international donation network ... And at no cost to you?